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3 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready To List On Airbnb

Perhaps you have been a homeowner for a long time, have extra space or accommodations, and are in need of a little extra income. Or maybe you just bought a house to turn into a rental property, either short term or long term. No matter your circumstances, if you plan on renting your home out on Airbnb or a similar app or website, there is a lot you’ll need to do in preparation.

If you want to be able to rent your space out for the highest possible amount, and bring in good reviews which will help you continue to get business, you will need to get your home ready and make repairs and adjustments so that it looks great and is functional for all of your future guests. Here are 3 tips for getting your home ready to list.

Don’t Forget The Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing guests will see when they walk up to it, so when getting the place ready for potential renters don’t forget the exterior. For example, if you’ve been busy making hay bales, make sure to remove them or place them in an area of your yard where they look welcoming rather than unsightly. 

Make Sure It’s Up To Code

If you just purchased the home and it’s not a “fixer-upper”, many repairs should have already been made or are in the process of being made to make sure the building is safe to inhabit. However, if you’ve owned your home for several years it’s unlikely that you’ve had a recent inspection.

Be sure that all proper inspections are done and that your home is completely up to code before you decide to list it as a rental of any kind. This way, if you need to get your roof replaced or something of the sort you can get that done without interfering with any guests stays. Don’t cut any corners here, or else you could face a potential lawsuit down the line, and then you can kiss any potential rental income goodbye.


Consider the fact that your tastes in art and interior design are not for everyone, and redecorate to make your home a little more appealing for guests from all walks of life. Keep colors and art neutral and non-offensive, and get rid of any family photos or personal artifacts. 

Getting your home ready to list on Airbnb or another short term rental sight can be stressful, but the hard work will be worth it in the end when you see the smiles on your guests faces and all the extra income you will be getting! 

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