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3 Tips For Running A Small Motel

Whether you’re just a big fan of Schitt’s Creek and have always wanted to own and run a small motel or you inherited one from your family and are just running it temporarily, you know that running a motel is not always easy. It can be fun, exciting, and of course always interesting, but there is also a ton of work and troubleshooting involved. Luckily, there are things you can do to make running your motel easier, and by the time you get to the end of this list you’ll be wondering why you didn’t come across these tips sooner! Here are 3 tips for running a small motel.

Stay Ahead Of Repairs

If any repairs need to be made to your building, make sure you find out about them and address them as soon as possible. For example, if you suspect that you need to hire someone to replace the roof, make sure to do that right away. This way, you can work out your bookings and reservations so that you don’t have any guests staying in your motel while the roof is being replaced.

Also, it’s smart to try to make small repairs on your own to save a little money, but if you find that you don’t know what you’re doing, just hire a professional. It’s not worth your health or safety, or possibly making matters worse (and more expensive). Of course, there are certain things you should never attempt on your own unless you are an expert, such as anything involving plumbing, electrical wires, or tall ladders. 

Get On Social Media

These days, social media is helpful for all types of different businesses from bars and restaurants to hair and nail salons and everything in between. A small motel, especially if it only has one location, can really benefit from a strong social media presence. It may take a little practice, but all you really need to do is take some good, well-lit photos, come up with some fun and witty captions, and learn to use filters and hashtags.

You can use your social media accounts to get more followers which will turn into future guests, and you can share vacancies and special deals with them. The best part is, it’s basically free advertising, and when used correctly can really help you grow your business quickly.

Value Customer Service

One of the best parts of small businesses – including motels – is the great customer service and connection with human beings that can be found. Rather than supporting large chains and corporate hotels, people choose to stay at small boutique motels and keep coming back when the owners and staff go above and beyond to make their stay great. If you value customer service at your motel and pass this on to everyone you hire, your motel will be a great success no matter how small it is.

Running any type of business can be a challenge, especially when you work in hospitality. Hopefully these tips will help with your beloved small motel! 

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