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3 Tips To Help Grow Your Hotel Group

Owning a hotel group or chain can have its challenges, but it is also a very exciting endeavor. Even if you aren’t the owner, you may be the manager or person in charge of running the hotel group, and this can definitely be stressful. Growing your hotel group and opening up to larger possibilities is a good thing but it can also be hard. Here are 3 tips to help make it easier for you.

Elevate Your Signage

Elevating your hotel signage can be a little expensive, but it will make you stand out among your competitors and you can eventually become a staple of the landscape of your city over time. Illuminated shop signs lure in customers who may not know the shops exist, and bright signage can do the same thing for hotels. 

Additionally, weary travelers often have not booked their hotels ahead of time and are looking for a place to stay late at night when they are exhausted. If you have an illuminated sign it will be much easier for them to spot you and thus to give you business. 

You should try to make sure all of the hotels in your group have a cohesive look and the same. signage, or signage that is similar but adapted to give each hotel a sense of individuality. This way, wherever people go they will look for you! 

Bring In Help

Adding people to your hotel group team who have worked for large and successful hotel groups before is a huge advantage because they know what to expect and have dealt with many situations before that you are likely to come across. Bringing on help is important when it comes to doing well long term, and can also alleviate a lot of your stress. 

Don’t let it damage your pride if you feel the need to hire people who have more experience than you do running large hotel groups. It may end up being the best business decision you’ve ever made!

Get Social Media Savvy

Hiring a social media manager or becoming more social media savvy yourself will prove to be an extremely smart decision for the success of your hotel group. Growing your following and using social media to advertise is free or very inexpensive, but yet it can go a really long way in helping you meet your goals. 

Even if you don’t know what you’re doing at first, don’t give up. There are tutorials you can watch, tips online you can read, and even classes you can take. If all else fails, hiring a social media professional is worth it.

Growing your hotel group can be overwhelming, but the lengths you go to won’t be in vain. Once you see what you can accomplish by using the tips on this list it will motivate you to keep growing even more!

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