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5 Drool-Worthy Street Foods to Savour in Ahmedabad

Off to explore the Jama Masjid, Sabarmati Ashram or other gem sites of Ahemdabad? Plan to taste the top Ahmedabadi street foods on your tour. If you stay in Delhi, you’ll be there in Ahmedabad in no time after a quick online flight booking. Once you’re done, make a list of these top 5 scrumptious street foods to try in Ahmedabad.

Dhokla and Khakhra

Don’t miss these authentic Gujrati snacks once you get off your Delhi to Ahmedabad flight! Whoosh to Navrangpura, the best place to try these snack twins.

Ø  Dhokla: The world drools over this juicy, soft Gujrati snack. Made with gram flour, semolina and yoghurt among other ingredients, it has a high health quotient. Its juicy texture combined with the delicious toppings of green chillies, red chutney, coconut shreds and coriander leaves will make your mouth water. Try it and lose yourself in a blast of flavours!

Ø  Khakhra: The perfect lightweight snack to pair with your evening tea! It even makes for a great morning breakfast. Take a bite and enjoy its divine crisp and crunch. Made in lovely varieties, they’re one of the specialities of Ahmedabad which endear the place to tourists!

Stuffed Paranthas

These are a must-try when you’re in Ahmedabad. Almost all the street corners will attract you with the aroma of these parathas. But Vastrapur is where you want to try them. They’re stuffed with such a variety of tasty fillings that you’d be spoilt for choice. Fried in ghee, they not only become extra crispy and finger-licking but also make for a good heavy morning breakfast. Thinking of starting a long tour day with it? Go on.

Maska Bun

Your Ahmedabad tour won’t be complete if you skip this irresistible street food. Known as “Maska Pav” among locals, it’s another famous Ahmedabadi snack, and goes best with roadside “masala chai”. Grab a bun at any streetside tea stall, and feel the buttercream melting in your mouth. Savour it in your breakfast or as an evening snack, and let it spoil your taste buds!

Dal Vadas

When your flight lands in Ahmedabad, these vadas will be waiting to remind you of your favourite Delhi pakodas! Again in Navrangpura, you can enjoy the best Dal Vadas. They have an outstanding combination of spiciness, crispiness, and softness to delight you instantly. Go on popping them into your mouth as you explore Ahmedabad.


Ah! Finally, you’ve come to the right street food that can beat the heat of Ahmedabad with love and sweetness. You might have had Kulfi elsewhere too. But Ahmedabad will treat you with the most memorable variety you ever had. Any flavour you think of will arrive in a Kulfi plate before you! The top place to try it is the Gurukul Road. Enjoy this mind-blowing dessert after your meals, and end your day the sweet way.

There are so many other mouth-watering street foods in Ahmedabad that you can try. The list goes endless with panipuri, bhel puri, momo, mutton chaap, bhuna gosht, samosa, jalebi, ice gola, and so on. Taste them all before catching a flight back from Ahmedabad to Delhi

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