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5 Favorite Tourist Destinations in the USA for Traveling Post-pandemic:


The unprecedented nature and magnitude of the COVID pandemic have created a stir throughout the world. The international travel and tourism industry has taken a hit along with all other sectors. The domestic and international travel and tourism industry amount to a staggering 1.1 trillion USD in the US. However, the pandemic impaired its revenue and the associated employment rates.

But suppose a travel enthusiast or an adventure seeker wishes to travel across the US post-pandemic. In that case, there are many worthy destinations to feel the beauty of nature and make oneself at peace.

Five best US destinations that every traveler should go post-pandemic:

From the shining sea to lush green mountains, the US harbors remarkable scenery and some most noticeable icons on earth. The majority of the favorite attractions in the United States are bucket list places that attract millions of travelers worldwide.

  1.   Grand Canyon, Arizona:

Engraved out by the Colorado River, and Grand Canyon is one of the most incredible natural attractions in the US. Several international movers and travel enthusiasts can stand on the rim of the canyon to enjoy the ridges and cliffs that run before their eyes. Yet another section of Grand Canyon National Park known as the South Rim is the most visited place in the US. The tourists can take a 4.5-hour drive from Las Vegas to reach the place. Both the North and South Rim at Grand Canyon is a popular tourist attraction, but the North Rim is accessible only from November through May due to extreme winter conditions.

  1.   Niagara Falls, New York:

Located along the Canada-US border, Niagara Falls is one of the most prominent waterfalls across the world. The white snowy water flows down from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. Niagara Falls is a set of three falls known as Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. The best view of Niagara Falls can be enjoyed during the summer season when the weather is pleasing and gardens bloom with colorful flowers that please your eyes. Moreover, tourists also appreciate the winter wonderland with ice-covered railings and trees covered with snow.

  1.   Redwood National Park, California:

With the world’s tallest trees and International Biosphere Reserve, Redwood National Park is a well-known destination for enjoying picnics, camps, and hiking trails. The view is breathtaking, with trails forming loops to reach out to nearby beaches. International movers and backpackers might travel across the park on James Irvine Trail to initiate Fern Canyon hiking. The biosphere reserve also supports multiple animal species, including more than 250 vertebrates. Lizards, blackbirds, bears, deer, and wood-warblers are common animal species that can be noticed while visiting Redwood National Park.

  1.   Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando:

Walt Disney World Resort is an outstanding tourist destination full of amusement parks, water parks, Downtown Disney, and theatres. With major sightseeing areas, Walt Disney World Resort has attracted both young and old tourists for decades. Out of other World Resorts, this resort is more picturesque and scenic, attracting holidaymakers from every part of the world.

  1.   Waikiki, Hawaii:

Waikiki is among the famous beaches in the Hawaiian Islands, a cross between the modern city and tropical paradise. The coastline across the Pacific has been the favorite tourist destination in the US for ages. With a beautiful stretch and palm trees near the beaches, one can not only sit and relax on the beach, but they can also shop, dine, surf, and sunbathe across the beach.


With fantastic destinations across the country, one can plan his trips to specific regions such as Alaska, California, Hawaii, and East Coast. The United States is full of beaches, mountains, parks, and waterfalls that you can include in your itinerary.

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