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6 Packing Tips for a Cold Weather Getaway

Going on a winter vacation is full of picturesque sceneries, amazing experiences, and absolutely stunning Instagram-worthy photographs.

Imagine this: you are about to go to a great winter destination. Maybe, you’re planning to ski jump or intending on witnessing the Northern Lights for the first time. You have also taken the necessary precautions to have your winter gear ready that includes gloves, coats, and scarves. Now, there is one issue that you might face – the size of your suitcase.

You see, winter gear is often big and bulky and involves layers – lots of them! The struggle to have a suitcase that includes all your essentials without overpacking can be tricky. But, here are the most effective hacks that can help you pack your suitcase for a cold-weather getaway in the most efficient way possible.

Clothing – use the morning paper trick for layer creation

Whether you are traveling to the Swiss Alps or visiting the Eiffel tower, it’s important to stay warm in order to truly enjoy your vacation. Usually, every person is going to advise you to pack a lot of layers which frankly sounds great, but they don’t really tell you the tips to go about it.

Whenever you are traveling during winters, use the “morning paper” approach to help you differentiate essential things from non-essential things.

Here’s what you need:

  • Short-sleeved shirt or tee shirt or a long-sleeved shirt that is made up of lighter material for when you have to stay indoors while you read the paper.
  • A long-sleeved top over the shirt for when you have to grab the paper from the stoop.
  • A fleece sweater over the two layers for the time when you have to get the people from the curb.
  • Lastly, a windproof and waterproof outer layer that can help you get the paper from the curb when it rains.

Following this approach can help you be ready for any weather without the chance of falling sick on your vacation. You will also have enough clothes that can provide the right layers while you stay stylish.

Footwear – the only heavy item you should carry

Most of the time, it is our feet that face the maximum brunt whenever we are out exploring the city. This is why you should always invest in a solid, decent looking pair of winter boots that will keep your feet warm and yet be super comfortable to help you cover long distances.

When you take into account winter travel, it would do you good if you opt for weatherproof shoes with minimal buckle placement or elaborate laces. Try to go for a pair that can be worn easily and do not involve a lot of tying and untying.

As for the color, going for darker shades like black or brown would be the best as not only are they versatile, but it will also not show any stains from the slush or mud that you may encounter.

Gloves – breathable, thin, and waterproof

Gone are the days where people would adorn wool gloves or massive mittens. Instead, smart travelers are opting for a pair of versatile gloves that are thin, waterproof, and effective enough to keep you warm. Let us also not forget that they only weigh a couple of ounces and won’t take up much space in your suitcase as well.

The next thing we would like to recommend is to opt for gloves that are quick-drying. There are many destinations that tend to experience rainfall during winters. So, it would be better for you to carry a single pair of gloves that dries quickly.

Hats or beanies – to protect your ears

I don’t know about you, but I tend to fall sick as soon as my ears get exposed to cold air. If you also experience the same problem, carrying hats or beanies should definitely be a must on your packing list.

This can help you remain warm when you are sprinting through airports, going for short walks in the morning, or indulging in more involved adventures.

While packing hats and beanies, make sure that it covers your ears properly in addition to the back of your neck. Go for modern and thin materials that help to keep you warm for a longer time and don’t involve any fluff ball, flaps or any other unnecessary additions in their design.

Accessories – skincare and other essentials

In the case of accessories, you can carry or polarized sunglasses, a watch, or a scarf. If you want, you can also carry an additional lower body base layer to keep you warm too.

Now, it’s also important that you have a sunscreen to keep you protected from the harmful rays of the winter sun. The other thing that we would like to ask you to carry is a moisturizer depending on your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, get a moisturizer for dry skin or one for oily skin if that’s what suits you.

Extra items – resist the urge

We have covered most of the essentials that you might need for your winter vacation. And, while you may feel that you need more clothing, trust us when we tell that you don’t.

Try to travel light so that there is no extra stress on you with regard to your luggage. This way, you can always bring back a couple of souvenirs from your vacation to provide as beautiful reminders for your trip or any exciting adventures that you took part in. And, of course, gifts that your siblings or friends may have been constantly dropping hints about. 

Those are our top 6 hacks to help you pack lightly yet effectively for your winter destination. You can always improvise as per your needs and preferences, but these will keep you covered for the most part.

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