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Camping 2021: Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Enjoying the great outdoors on a camping vacation can be an incredibly rewarding experience. There is something about spending more time out in the natural world than indoors or in man-made environments. Of course, it’s not for everybody. Some folks just don’t like having to deal with the heat of summer along with the occasional thunderstorm.

Speaking of the heat of summer, things can get incredibly warm when you’re camping. Of course, motor homes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers typically have air-conditioners. But even at that, the inside of an RV can get pretty stuffy. It is even worse for tent campers on hot, sticky nights. But there are ways to beat the heat.

AirSkirts is a Connecticut company that has come up with a revolutionary RV skirting product. Their skirting is inflatable, making it quite effective and easy to install. At any rate, the AirSkirts staff offers the following tips for staying cool this summer:

1. Utilize Natural Breezes

Breezes are nature’s way of turning on the fan. Tent campers can utilize natural breezes by locating their tents away from objects that block the breeze. Keeping flaps and vents open allows air to circulate. Some tent enthusiasts go one step further by collapsing their tents during the day. This prevents heat buildup.

Motorhome and trailer owners can take advantage of natural breezes just by opening the windows. It might be a bit more difficult to access breezes in a public campground where RV sites are relatively close, but it’s worth a shot.

2. Camp in the Shade

Natural breezes are further enhanced by shade. Fortunately, some campgrounds have shaded sites designed specifically to help campers stay cool. You are likely to spend more for shade, but it’s worth it to keep the sun off you and your family. And if you prefer wilderness camping, you should have plenty of shady spots to work with.

3. Insulate Your Space

Another tip is to insulate your space. RV and motorhome owners can deploy RV skirting around their rigs. Skirting provides an insulating barrier between exterior air and the air trapped under the unit. Skirting can make an RV’s air-conditioning more efficient, thus keeping interior spaces cooler.

If you are in a tent or a pop-up trailer, consider using a reflective thermal blanket or two over the top. Install the blankets like you would a tarp, leaving a few inches of space between them and the top of your tent or pop-up. The thermal blanket will reflect sunlight and the air in between will act as an insulating buffer. When the breezes blow, they will blow the warm air right away.

4. Wear Light Colors and Headgear

When you’re out and about during the day, be sure to wear light colors and appropriate headgear. Light colors do not absorb as much solar energy, so you don’t get as hot in the bright sun. As for headgear, choose something with a brim to keep the sun off your face. You will be surprised how much cooler you will feel just by wearing a good hat.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, either. Drinking plenty of water is a necessity for summertime camping. Sports drinks are also good. Stay away from energy drinks and alcohol. Not only will they not help you stay cool, but they might also make you feel warmer than you really are.

Summer is a great season for camping. But it can get hot. Make sure you take the necessary steps to remain cool this summer. Doing so will keep you safer and make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

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