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Creative Adventure Ideas For Explorers

The mind of the explorer is always searching for a new adventure.  Finding creative ways to spend your free time helps to make the most of the short time you have here on Earth.  

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your average existence, take a chance on the path less traveled.  Here is a brief look at some creative adventure ideas for travelers who love a good exploration.  

Visit a mining site 

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of rocks, exploring the inner workings of a mine site is an adventure you won’t forget.  If you do take a notable interest in the various expressions of the Earth’s crust, exploring a mind site of any sort will definitely give you something to dig into on your next journey.  

Even the huge diesel generators and other construction machinery is something to explore.  The dozers and excavators miners use to move earth represent a whole lot of power.  

Explore an underwater sea 

If you set your travel plans to Sweetwater, Tennessee, you’ll find a cave of wonders!  Not really, but there is a cave that harbors a whole underground lake equipped with blind fish and see-through boats.  

You can go spelunking in the caves and end up in the presence of a gorgeous natural underground water habitat.  Get your dirtiest boots and your most rugged clothes, and go crawling around underground for a change.  

Check in to the Sahara Desert

Get your travel pants on and head to the Sahara for an African adventure like no other.  You can rent a tent in the oasis of the desert and take four wheelers out on the dunes whenever you feel froggy.  

You might think a bunch of sand poses enough danger and unknown to really count as an adventure, but try saying that after you leave the Sahara Desert.  The sunrise and sunsets alone pose a real danger of keeping you there forever.  

Go camping outside the campgrounds

If you’re tired of following all the rules that come along with camping at a campground, try taking your adventure off the beaten path.  Find a place in the woods where people don’t typically camp.  

Make sure you’re properly prepared for the journey, of course.  Carry protection from the wild life, and a proper way to capture (like on camera) the creatures you encounter along the way.  A night vision camera might give you the best material for the stories you’ll tell when you get back home.

Go deep sea fishing 

Finally, the adventure factor is high when you’re out on the open ocean.  Plan a trip to go deep sea fishing, and you’ll encounter creatures you never imagined would really exist.  

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