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Explore Croatia’s Coast with an Impeccable Cruise

One of the best things about being able to go on holiday is being able to challenge and change our perceptions of what distant lands are actually like. Too often we simply go off our stereotypes and fail to see what a country is really like.

Case in point: Croatia. Much of Eastern Europe is often overshadowed by the West, and nowhere is this truer than in Croatia. Too many outside the country first associate Croatia with its wars a generation or two ago – and that’s a shame, because the country is so much more than that and has changed so much since then. Croatia is one of the great hidden gems of Eastern Europe tourism, and its glittering coastline is a big part of the reason why.

Croatia’s beaches facing the Adriatic Sea are a huge draw. If you’re a beach person and those well-trod French and Italian beach hotspots have cooled off a bit for you, Croatia can offer a welcome change of pace. Moreover, taking a cruise in the area can allow you to first soak up the sun on the beach and then sail past in style and luxury.

Here are a few things you can expect when booking Croatia cruises.

Exquisite Coastlines

As stated, one of the biggest selling points for traveling to Croatia is the fact that it is home to some of the most dazzling coastlines in Eastern Europe. The Dalmatian Coast is one of the great shorelines of the area, with lightly-coloured beaches contrasted beautifully against the deep blue sea. It’s also home to two of Croatia’s most famous cities, the idyllic Split and Dubrovnik, whose characteristic medieval look may look more than familiar to viewers of Game of Thrones, as it’s the real-life locale of King’s Landing (pre-Daenerys going “Mad Queen,” anyway.)

But pop culture associations aside, both Split and Dubrovnik have histories which are richer than that of any TV show, deserve your attention, and are more than worth a visit via a cruise.

Impeccable Service

Another big upside to taking a cruise on the Croatian Coast? The cruise lines which operate these cruises offer impeccable service. Whatever your needs may be, day or night, they are ready to attend to them, answering any and all additional questions you may have in a polite and accurate fashion.

Fine Dining Onboard

One of the great joys of a cruise experience is being able to take a trip somewhere while enjoying fine dining in style. What could make a fine gourmet dinner better than an exquisite seaside view, and vice versa? The best Croatian cruises offer fantastic dining options onboard and ambience that can’t be beat.

Experience the real Croatia the right way with a lovely cruise off the Dalmatian Coast.



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