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IRCTC – Now Enjoy Smart Rail Ticket Booking!

As the population increases, the developed and developing countries face congestion daily. Some visionaries have even stated that more people will be breathing oxygen in the future, so there won’t be much left to live. The developing countries are still managing somehow as they have more funds, but the developing nations are struggling. Public places are always overly congested. Not to mention railway stations which have an exceptional record of being jammed. And there seems to be no solution to decrease it. Population can’t simply drop in a day.

The station ticketing offices are often flooded with people with barely any air to breathe. This scene looks similar to the sudden birth boom of thousands of seals due to favorable climatic conditions. And have gathered around the shores waiting for something we won’t know—waiting in the queue for hours for even a short travel ticket. This type of Rail Ticket booking experience is similar to human flooded cities like Mumbai and even highly developed cities like New york.

But you know what, New York has some management to handle it, and it seems like Mumbai and other human-flooded Indian cities don’t. Hence what if we had an app specially designed to take tickets online. Yes! Finally, the government has got it. So now we have an app called IRCTC Train Ticket booking app.

This app has some cool features. let’s discuss them.

  1. Online inquiry

This app provides all information about different trains of a particular location.

It gives you the status of any train in real-time, even if there are slight changes in the schedule. All the information is quickly updated. In case of train delays, you can even know why and in exactly how many minutes it will reach the station.

  1. Advance Booking

This app has some excellent advanced features. For example, in case you have long-distance travel plans. You can easily make the rail ticket booking. Also, get a reservation. If sometimes the reservation is complete. But there is a possibility of one seat getting vacant. So you can even apply for a waiting list. It is beneficial when it’s the traveling season, and you plan the whole trip suddenly. In these cases, waiting lists are helpful.

  1. Easy and Quick Payment.

The IRCTC ticket booking app is entirely immune to any payment, and all processes are pretty innovative. It accepts payments like credit cards, debit cards, net banking and even digital wallet payments. You can pay via your phone number.

  1. Bus ticketing

This app also provides you with an easy bus ticketing experience. Since Bus ticketing is more complicated than railway stations, this bus ticketing feature is also equally efficient. You can even book bright intercity buses online very smoothly.

  1. Order food.

It is quite a tasty feature. You can order delicious delicacies to make your trip enjoyable and memorable on the train. This food is very hygienic and fresh. In case of any problem, you can even register a formal complaint.

The IRCTC ticket booking app has made the online ticketing and traveling experience easy, quick and enjoyable.

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