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See One of Nature’s True Marvels

Whether you are looking for something new to do, on vacation, or just looking to enjoy nature in a new and fascinating way, there is something perfect for you. Getting out onto Australia’s beautiful waters opens up a world of possibilities.

There is so much sea life to be seen, especially for those who do not often venture out into the water. The beautiful scenery, the wildlife, and just the atmosphere as a whole can make for an excellent destination.

Whale Watching

If you have never been on the water before, there is nothing quite like whale watching in Sydney. Just being on the water can be a peaceful endeavour. But being able to see some of nature’s biggest and coolest mammals is another thing entirely.

These whale watching tours will make it an immersive experience. Moving through the water on colourful sailing boats is just the start. You and other passengers will go past some of the most beautiful and vibrant scenes in Sydney, getting a view like never before.

That’s just the start. The real show is seeing some of the beautiful humpback whales that permeate the waters of Sydney. See them in their natural habitat, splashing and swimming and you will get an appreciation for them like never before.

See Whales in the Wild

What is truly cool about this type of experience is that it isn’t some theme park. This isn’t a place where you go to watch whales do jumps and other tricks. You see them as they are in their natural habitat, which can include tail slapping, spy hopping, pectoral fin slapping, fluke up dives, tail throws, and breaching.

You’ll be able to see all of the movements that they make in their natural habitat with all the personality that whales can have. The goal of these tours is not to disturb them and get right on top of them but to see these beautiful creatures as they exist naturally. It is about seeing how they live and interact with one another.

When you have finished the tour, you will no doubt want to go back again and again. These creatures are breathtaking and will give you a new perspective not only on them but nature in general. You will want to see them having fun, splashing, slapping, and tossing things with their tails over and over again on each tour.

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