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Tips For Those Who Want To Enjoy Food Tourism!

So, if you think this type of tourism is only valid for those who can afford expensive restaurants, you are wrong! The best part of gastronomic tourism is outside the restaurants, in the street foods, stalls, and neighborhood restaurants.

Search Your Destination

First, if you are looking for an unforgettable experience when doing your gastronomic tourism, do a lot of research on the destination. Nowadays, it is much easier to search for restaurant and hotel reviews with all the access to technology. That way, you avoid not-so-pleasant surprises. In addition, it is also interesting to research the typical dishes and restaurants that serve them. Try to understand how the local cuisine works, search for seasonings used, as well as where to find them for sale. You can even take home a souvenir of this fantastic trip!

Try Everything

Well, one of the secrets to Cooking Vacations is curiosity. That’s right, try to understand what is being served and try everything you can. Forget what you like or don’t like about your homeland. So, try to re-taste spices and foods that you might not have eaten at home. In this sense, try to understand the combinations made by the natives. So, even if it’s spices and foods you wouldn’t match, try to taste it! Only in this way will you be able to have an authentic gastronomic experience of your destination.

Local Restaurant

First of all, if you are looking for gastronomic tourism tips, you must have already made your list of renowned restaurants to make your reservation, right? Then you can cross them all off your list! While fine dining is also a pleasure to visit, they represent only a small portion of the local cuisine.

So, research which neighborhood restaurants are most frequented by locals and put them on your list. You can also seek directions from the hotel or hostel staff or even ask local workers. What matters is gathering information!


Perhaps one of the cheapest food tourism tips on this list is to go to a supermarket in town. By the way, if you are going to be staying at an hotel, this task will be necessary.

So, take the opportunity to discover some products you’ve never seen in your life! Although it may not be part of your routine or daily menu, try not to restrict yourself. So try to try everything you can, and the more different, the better!


From fruits and vegetables to typical dishes, sweets, and even drinks, many places around the globe have this tradition. In this way, it is a unique opportunity to experience the local culture. However, do your research beforehand to find out if there will be any typical fairs in the region on your visit dates. That’s because some happen on specific dates or certain days of the week. So, it’s good to research in advance and, if possible, rearrange your dates so that you can enjoy this cultural immersion.

Street Food

We’re not just talking about the fairs we mentioned above. In this sense, street foods can offer you a unique gastronomic experience! For example, the famous hot dog in New York. It’s hard to visit the city without tasting something so characteristic. So, almost all cities offer food trucks, kiosks, or even stalls. All with some very characteristic dishes of the place, and certainly worth trying. In addition, the food prices in these places tend to be much more affordable, so it is another advantage for the tourist.

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