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Understanding the Options that Minors Have When Renting a Hotel Room

As spring breaks, graduations, and prom seasons are approaching, high school groups will plan their travels. Although they can travel on the road without restrictions, they should consider hotel age requirement. Some hotels set age limits for guests they can allow to stay. Some of them require that a guest should be at least 18 years old.

The Legal Age at Which you can Rent a Hotel Room

Many states don’t have any statutory provision on renting rooms to minors. But, you must check to determine whether your hotel has set a standard for renting rooms to people of your age. Hotels have the legal right to refuse to rent to minors as people under 18 can void a contract and thus, can’t be held liable for their actions.

Moreover, hotels could establish a policy to refuse to rent rooms to people under 21 or even 25 if they have valid concerns about possible room damage, underage drinking, and disturbances to other hotel guests. But, if they decide not to rent to these age groups, they must act in a way that is consistent with the established policy. They must treat every guest the same, no matter their gender, religion, race, and disability.

Are There Exceptions to the Legal Age Requirement?

In the United States, minimum age requirements may be reconsidered to some extent. Some hotels would not restrict minors from room reservation if a parent or guardian is using their official name and credit card to make the reservation. They allow a parent to rent a hotel room for a minor even without physically appearing in the hotel for reservations.

Moreover, a guest who is under 18 and traveling with a group of adults or with an adult is allowed in a hotel room. They can make the reservation over the phone or at the counter. But, while this type of arrangement is allowed, the hotel management will sort the information about the minor. This lets the hotel keep track of all the guests who check-in and out of their property.

What Steps Hotels Take When They Rent Rooms to Minors

Hotels that allow minors to rent rooms would require an adult to sign a contract. This adult should be willing to take responsibility for the minor’s action. The adult must acknowledge that they have the duty of control and reasonable discipline for the minor as well as assume liability for any property damage the minor may cause.

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