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Busting The Top 6 Myths About Booking Flight Tickets Online

Everyone wants to fly on the finest, most affordable flights possible. As a result, we spend countless hours on the computer looking for various hacks that might save us thousands of rupees and find cheap international flights. What if we, however, told you that these techniques are myths? That is correct!

The internet is full of misconceptions and false information about obtaining inexpensive flights, making it simple for inexperienced travelers to fall for them. Additionally, we’ve included some of these flight booking options today.

  • The best rates are available when you book your flight early

Although booking your flights in advance makes sense, doing so will only sometimes result in the lowest price. Prices don’t fluctuate all that much. The costs are stable on a good travel booking app until roughly 21 days before a journey. Flight reservations should be made anywhere from 21 to 115 days before the trip. However, a significant occasion or holiday may increase demand for airfares.

  • Websites and cookies have the potential to change airfares

Truth: This is the most widely held yet strange myth. Websites and any International flight app that offers price predictions make an informed guess based on past prices; they cannot alter the cost of a flight. On the websites that provide a rate card from a selection of other online travel companies, you can conveniently track and compare prices!

  • If you need to cancel your flight, there is never a reimbursement

Truth: That is entirely absurd. Even non-refundable flights include a 24-hour window for refunds as required by law. Unless you bought a ticket a week before your travel, you may always cancel or check your online flight status and obtain a refund within a 24-hour window. Airlines always adapt to changing policies, or you can choose a travel insurance policy as you go!

  • Some places are always expensive

Truth: Since they think that some destinations are usually expensive, many individuals frequently choose budget travel. That’s only sometimes the case, though. Traveling to some of the most well-known locations might be heavy on the pocket, but not if you plan and act wisely. Everything depends on when you are looking for flights. Therefore, the following time, keep monitoring the flight costs throughout the various days, weeks, and seasons to get the lowest flights!

  • One-way tickets are more expensive than round-trip tickets

In actuality, round-trip tickets used to be less expensive because airlines wanted to guarantee that travelers would use the same airline for all legs of the journey. However, given that you may personalize your schedule and add more connections, one-way purchasing tickets can frequently be less expensive. Your strain is further lessened because you may always reserve a return ticket for your next pay cycle!

  • Searching for flights should be done anonymously

Let’s face it; we have all attempted to search for flights in a private tab. Many websites use cookies and cache to track our information and online behaviors. There is no proof, though, that airlines follow your data, and multiple investigations by booking agencies have demonstrated that prices remain the same whether you utilize incognito mode or not. Therefore, you will need more than incognito mode to discover cheaper airfare or cab!


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